What you need to know about taking your pet to the beach

What You Need to Know about Taking Your Pet to the Beach

A day at the beach is something to look forward to. Plenty of sunshine, cool waves, water activities, and lots of sand each offer a fun way to spend the day. If you're heading to a pet-friendly beach, bringing your pet along can add an extra level of excitement.

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Safety Tips for Beach Adventures with Your Pet

Before taking your pet to the beach, consider these tips to better ensure his or her comfort and safety.


Water can be dangerous to pet. Here are some tips:

•             Don't assume your pet can swim. Keep an eye on him so you can pull him out of the water in case he wanders in.

•             Provide your pet with plenty of fresh water; not lake, pond, or ocean water if you're planning a trip to the seaside.

•             Very cold water can hurt your pet if he can’t dry off or warm up. Bring a towel if you think the temperature of the water is going to be a problem for him

•             Pay special attention to any water animals near the shoreline or in the water that can harm your pet.


Sand might not look dangerous but it can hurt pets if it is hot or if it is ingested. Here is some advice:

•             Protect your pet from hot sand. It is dangerous and can burn and blister your pet's paws.

•             Just like with humans, the sun's rays are harmful and too much exposure can result in heatstroke. Be sure to provide your pet with ample shade.

•             Do not allow your pet to nibble or eat the sand. It can cause intestinal blockage if he eats too much.

For more information about safety tips, call our animal hospital. A veterinarian on our veterinary team can provide additional tips to ensure your pet's safety.

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