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Cat Friendly Animal Hospital

If you have cats, you most likely want to ensure that they get the best care possible for their needs. At Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood, NH, we are a cat friendly practice. We have staff members who know how to keep your felines comfortable throughout their visit. If you are searching for a veterinarian in Northwood who can take care of your cats the same way like you do, then make us your first choice for caring for your felines’ health and well-being.

Cat Friendly Animal Hospital

What Makes an Animal Hospital Feline-Friendly?

Cat friendly practices must adhere several requirements to ensure that the staff and facility work well with felines. Outlined by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, also known as AAFP, these guidelines were made to ensure that your cats are stress-free and fear-free during each visit at an animal hospital. When you visit a feline-friendly facility, you can enjoy the following benefits for your pets.

    • Reduced stress and fear for your cats
    • A better understanding of feline health and wellness
    • Gentle care handling of your felines
    • Have equipment that works well with diagnosing and treating a condition in cats
    • Provides an environment that is cat friendly

Cats have unique needs. The sight and smell of other animals can put them on edge, making it difficult for the vet to safely conduct an examination. Additionally, cats often have very subtle symptoms and behavior changes that may indicate a disease. The staff at a feline-friendly practice has the training to recognize these signs and help you learn them, too. A cat friendly practice makes getting the best care for your cats simple and safe.

How Our Veterinarian in Northwood Care for Your Cats

Here at our animal hospital, we have our own veterinarian, Dr. April Treat, who is the lead vet of our cat friendly practice program. She helps to ensure that our veterinary staff knows how to best care for your cats while providing a friendly environment with each visit. In addition, our vet provides tips to her team on how to reduce the stress or fear in cats and how to distinct behaviors and needs.

Come See Us Soon!

If you need a veterinary practice that will give your cats the best care possible, choose Northwood Veterinary Hospital as your choice for vet care. Make an appointment with our veterinarians in Northwood by contacting us over the phone at (603) 942-8368 or online. We're here to give your pets the best care possible for their needs.



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If you have an Emergency with your pet during our open hours, please call 603-942-8368 and be prepared to bring your pet in immediately. If you need to have emergency medical attention when we are closed, please call CAVES in Concord at 603- 227-1199 or Port City in Portsmouth at 603-433-0056. Both hospitals will keep us up to date on your pet’s care so we can coordinate treatment, if needed.

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