Leg Amputation

Pet Leg Amputation: What You Need to Know

Your pet is part of your family, which means that you'd essentially do anything to ensure its health and well-being, just as you would for any other family member. Unfortunately, this can lead to some difficult decisions, and one of the toughest ones to make is pursuing a leg amputation if a limb has become severely injured or to mitigate the spread of cancer. At Northwood Veterinary Hospital, we understand just how difficult of a decision this can be, and it's why we pride ourselves on providing the Northwood and Etobicoke regions of New Hampshire with the resources needed to make the right decision. The good news is that leg amputations are often very successful and can go a long way toward restoring your pet's quality of life. Read on for more information about the procedure.


What's Involved in a Leg Amputation?

Like we said beforehand, leg amputations are typically suggested if one of your animal's limbs has either become severely injured or if a cancerous tumor is growing within it. The solution is to essentially remove the impaired limb to eliminate any disease or severe injury as a means of restoring the animal's quality of life. Following amputation, it's essential to keep the incision site clean so that it doesn't get infected. It's also crucial to ensure your pet avoids any strenuous activities for a few weeks after the amputation surgery so that the wound can properly heal. Our veterinarian can go over with you more detail about properly caring for your pet after surgery.

Recovery from a Leg Amputation

The good news is that animals, particularly dogs, bounce back quickly after a leg amputation and get used to their new normal with relative ease. Recovery usually only takes a matter of a few weeks, and while walking with three rather than four limbs takes a little while for your animal to get used to. The vast majority of animal amputees resume activities like going up and downstairs, hiking, playing, and swimming in short order. There's certain to be an adjustment period for your animal, but keep in mind that a leg amputation helps resolve a debilitating or even potentially deadly condition. Noting this, following removal, your animal's quality of life often improves. It's not uncommon for your pet to adjust quickly and forget about its missing limb altogether. 

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For more information on pet limb removal, contact our veterinarian today at (603) 942-8368. At Northwood Veterinary Hospital, we've been providing leading services to the Etobicoke and Northwood areas for more than thirty years. We look forward to sharing more information about our animal hospital with you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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