Preventative Care

Pets, unlike humans, cannot tell you when they are unwell. So it’s up to you as a pet owner to ensure the wellness of your furry friends by planning for their preventive care. If you live in Northwood and don’t have a preventive care plan for your pet, then you can contact our veterinarian at Northwood Veterinary Hospital to help you develop a wellness and preventive care plan for your animal companion.


What Is Pet Preventive Care?

Pet preventive care is an umbrella term for everything you and your veterinarian do to help your animal live a long and healthy life. It involves taking your furry friend to a vet for regular comprehensive wellness exams to identify and treat existing diseases or potential health problems before they become major problems.

When you visit our Northwood animal clinic, we may examine your animal’s physical health from head to tail to identify any signs of skin diseases, injuries, eye problems, ear problems, parasite attacks, dental problems, and other physical disorders and offer recommendations on how to improve its health.

We may also conduct diagnostic tests like urinalysis, blood work, and stool tests to identify any existing or potential problems for early treatment or mitigation. Further, we may screen your animal for diseases like heartworms and blood, kidney, and liver disorders, among other issues.

Is Pet Preventive Care Worth It?

Pet preventive care is the only sure way to ensure your animal lives a healthy life. Through regular wellness exams, veterinarians can:

- Detect and treat potential health problems before they worsen.

- Identify underlying terminal conditions and recommend the best control measures.

- Determine and suggest the best pet diet depending on its age and health condition.

- Develop a record of the animal’s health aspects like body temperature, lab work, health condition, etc., when the animal is healthy, to provide better care should the animal fall ill.

- Assess the health of the animal and recommend the best at-home care for him.

- Assess any behavioral concerns of your animal and recommend the best correction measures.

How Frequent Should I Take My Pet For Preventive Care?

Generally, dogs should visit a veterinarian at least once a year for wellness exams, vaccinations, and other preventive care. However, a pet may require additional visits depending on age, health status, and breed. Our experienced veterinarian will examine your animal and recommend the best preventive care schedule.

Looking For Pet Preventive Care in Northwood, NH?

At Northwood animal hospital, we pride ourselves on offering pet care services to our patients in Northwood and the surrounding areas. Whether you need specialized care for your cat, dog, or exotic pets, our experienced veterinarian will get you sorted. Contact us at (603) 942-8368 to schedule the next wellness exam for your pet and learn more about our services.


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If you have an Emergency with your pet during our open hours, please call 603-942-8368 and be prepared to bring your pet in immediately. If you need to have emergency medical attention when we are closed, please call CAVES in Concord at 603- 227-1199 or Port City in Portsmouth at 603-433-0056. Both hospitals will keep us up to date on your pet’s care so we can coordinate treatment, if needed.

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