Pet Dental Care FAQs

Like humans, pets' teeth must be taken care of properly. This includes dental hygiene carried out at home as well as cleaning by your veterinarian for the best results. Our team at Northwood Veterinary Hospital answers some of the top questions about pet dental cleanings to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

Pet Dental Care FAQs

What happens if I don’t get my pet’s teeth cleaned?

Just like your teeth, if your pet’s teeth aren’t cleaned and cared for, they could face several issues. Tooth infections, tooth pain, bad breath, and issues with their gums are all potential side effects of not maintaining oral health. As dental disease can start early in your pet’s life, it’s imperative that they have a cat or dog teeth cleaning so your veterinarian can detect and address any issues as soon as possible.

At what age should my pet have its first cleaning?

In most cases, you will need to take your pet for its first cleaning around the age of two or three, which is when dental disease often shows up. Your vet will take a look at your pet’s teeth before then, though, and let you know if there is a need for earlier cleanings.

How often should a cat or dog teeth cleaning be done?

At a minimum, your pet’s teeth should be examined and cleaned yearly. If any issues are detected at this time, your pet might require additional visits.

What is dental disease in pets?

Dental disease is a term that can be used to describe any type of disease that impacts the teeth, roots, gums, bones, and other components of your pet’s mouth. The most common form of dental disease is called periodontal disease. This is a condition in which tartar and plaque form and spread along the gum line. It can lead to bone loss and severe inflammation of the gums. Additionally, it can cause or worsen bad breath and lead to tooth pain.

What happens if my pet gets a tooth infection?

A tooth infection can be very painful and affect your pet’s ability to eat. If one occurs, your vet will likely prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Your pet will either need an extraction or root canal treatment, depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth’s root.

Schedule Your Pet’s Dental Visit in Northwood, NH

If your pet is two or older or it has been more than a year since their last cat or dog tooth cleaning, it’s time to visit Northwood Veterinary Hospital. Call our team today at (603) 942-8368 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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