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As a pet owner, it can be important to get your pet spayed or neutered. A veterinarian at our veterinary hospital may recommend that your pet be spayed or neutered to eliminate unwanted behaviors and gain health benefits. At Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood, NH, our team performs spay and neuter procedures. 


What Is Spay and Neutering?

Spaying and neutering are both removing an animal's reproductive organs. Spaying is for females, and neutering for males. Spaying involves removing the fallopian tubes and uterus from a female cat or dog. Neutering is removing the testes from a male cat or dog. They are both routine surgeries with minimal risk of complications. 

Time Frame for Spaying and Neutering

It is recommended to have your pet spayed or neutered as early as possible. Your pet should be spayed or neutered before the first heat cycle or before they reach puberty. Pets can be spayed or fixed as early as eight weeks, but it's recommended before around five months of age. Larger breeds may need to wait longer. A veterinarian at our veterinary hospital can give you our advice when you bring your pet to our office.

After Surgery

We can give you detailed instructions and medications for home care after your pet's surgery. This will help your pet stay calm and comfortable in the recovery process. It can help to create a quiet and secure location for your pet to recover.

Benefits of Spay and Neutering

There are some of the many benefits to getting your pet spayed and neutered by a veterinarian at our veterinary hospital. They include:

  • Helps prevent cancer: Spay and neuter reduce the risk of tumors, uterus infections, prostate, and ovarian cancer.
  • Stops wandering: Pets that are spayed and neutered are less likely to stray away from the house. As pets develop, they naturally want to look for a mate. Spaying and neutering can eliminate that behavior.
  • Lessens marking territory behavior: Males often mark their territory by urinating on it. They also roam and look for new territory which can be dangerous. 
  • It prevents pets from going into heat: Female pets behave disruptively during their heat cycle. 
  • Controls Pet Population: Many unwanted pets are eventually euthanized. They can be abandoned at shelters and have a low quality of life. Spaying and neutering help control the pet population.

Contact Northwood Veterinary Hospital for Spay and Neuter 

Our veterinary team at Northwood Veterinary Hospital serving Northwood, NH, performs spay and neuter surgery. We can explain all the steps in the process. Call our office at (603) 942-8368 to book a spay and neuter procedure. A veterinarian on our team is here to help.


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