At Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood, NH, we provide a range of services from wellness exams to surgery. Some of the issues we diagnose and treat are in the area of dermatology, many of which can make your pet uncomfortable and damage his overall health. If you are interested in pet dermatology treatment from a veterinarian near you, give us a call.


What Are Signs My Pet Is Suffering from a Dermatological Condition?

It can sometimes be difficult to know your pet is experiencing a skin issue since they are covered in fur. So, as pet owners, we need to be on the lookout for signs of problematic skin in our four-legged friends. Symptoms can include:

•             Itching and scratching

•             Bumps and lumps

•             Rubbing face and ears

•             Red, irritated skin

•             Inflammation

•             Licking, biting the skin

•             Loss of fur

•             Scabs, sores

•             Bleeding

•             Foul odor

If your pet is exhibiting any of these signs, it may be a good idea to contact your veterinarian. Prolonged and excessive scratching can lead to infection, which can lead to serious health complications.

What Are Some Common Causes of Skin Issues in Pets?

Skin problems in pets can develop suddenly or over time depending on the cause. A pet can also suddenly develop a sensitivity to something that wasn't there before. For example, your cat may suddenly become allergic to laundry detergent used on its blankets or a dog may develop a sensitivity to its shampoo. Other causes of skin problems include:

•             Food

•             Fleas and ticks

•             Mold

•             Pollen, grass, ragweed

•             Dust mites

•             Household cleaners

•             Fabric

•             Fungal infections

•             Inflamed hair follicles

How Will the Vet Treat Skin Issues in Pets?

A dermatological visit to the vet will include an exam which may include blood tests, skin sample testing, and questions about your pet’s lifestyle and environment. Once we have made the proper diagnosis, we will devise a course of treatment with you for your pet. It could include:

•             Antibiotics (if infection is present)

•             Antifungal cream

•             Anti-inflammatory medication (for pain management)

•             Medicated shampoo

•             Flea and tick preventative

You can help your pet at home by grooming him regularly, vacuuming, and wiping his feet and face after being outside.

Get Pain Management from a Veterinarian Near You at Our Animal Hospital

If you live in the Northwood, NH, area and need an animal hospital the can provide pet dermatology treatment, we at Northwood Veterinary Hospital are here to help. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions or to make an appointment. Call us at (603) 942-8368 for pain management from a veterinarian near you at our animal hospital.


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