Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exams in Northwood, NH

Whether you're taking in your pet for an annual checkup, an immunization, dental checkups, or any other need, a wellness exam is essential for a healthy life. Here at Northwood Veterinary Hospital, a qualified veterinarian gives you the complete vet care services you need for your cat or dog. No matter what stage of life your animal is in, we're here to give him the comprehensive medical care he needs in the Northwood area. 


What Is A Pet Wellness Exam? 

A pet examination is completed annually as a way to ensure cats or dogs have optimal wellness throughout their entire life. For older pets, the frequency of a checkup depends on their specific needs. For every visit, our veterinarians ensure your pet is comfortable with the components of the examination. Exams are quite thorough, and they provide valuable information for our veterinarians, so your animal can have the best life possible. Here are some of the routine tests and procedures conducted during a wellness exam:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  • Observation of significant organs, like the heart and lungs as well as the eyes and ears
  • Checkup for abnormalities like lumps anywhere on the body
  • Vitals (pulse and temperature check) and weight check
  • Bloodwork that checks for possible diseases or infection
  • Urinalysis, which can be used to detect signs of diabetes
  • Dental exam

Checking for Parasites

One of our veterinarians can check for parasites during a wellness exam. A stool sample can identify some parasites, but not all can be discovered with this method alone. For instance, heartworm disease is tested through the use of a blood sample. We have everything you'll want to prevent pests from invading in your pet.

My Pet Had A Wellness Exam- What's Next? 

Our veterinarians will review any tests performed during a wellness exam and give you recommendations on how to support your animal at home. From the smallest kitten or puppy to senior pets, we are here to help. Our team can recognize any early stages of problems that would be nearly impossible for you to identify. Spotting a disease sooner rather than later is always the best way to go.

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam with Northwood Veterinary Hospital Today

Your pet deserves to be healthy at all stages of life, as he is a valuable part of your family. We treat animals with superior care and attention like all pet owners would want. Schedule an appointment with Northwood Veterinary Hospital today for vet care services in Northwood. Our number is (603) 942-8368.


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