The Importance of Pet Dental Hygiene

Paws Can't Hold a Toothbrush

Pets cannot care for their own teeth, so it falls to you as a responsible pet owner to complete the task. Regular pet dental care prevents tooth loss, mouth infections, and lessens bad breath. Bring your pet to us at Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood to visit one of our veterinarians.

Eliminate Bad Breath

Your pet may have a toothache or mouth problem, but can't tell you. If your pet has bad breath or is not eating as much as usual, it's time to call the vet. Bad breath may be a sign of a more severe problem. If people avoid cuddling or petting your animal because of their breath, your pet will feel unwanted or unloved.

Minimize Chance of Infection

Additional signs of mouth pain and toothaches include drooling, excessive vomiting, and swollen and bleeding gums. Broken teeth and mouth sores can become infected. If the infection spreads to your pet's bloodstream, the results can be fatal.

Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth and Mouth

It is possible to brush your pet's teeth using special animal toothpaste available from your local animal hospital. Start when your pet is young, so he becomes accustomed to the procedure. You may be able to brush your kitten's teeth, however, once your cat becomes full-grown, it will be a hard habit to start. You may also be able to manage your pet's dental health with food or water additives. Your pet should have regular dental care exams with a veterinarian as well. Breed, age, and diet are a few factors to consider when deciding how often to schedule a dental care visit. Your vet will want to schedule an additional visit if your pet requires dental surgery.

Schedule a Pet Dental Appointment Today

Contact Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood to schedule an appointment for your pet. Your pet can't brush his teeth or schedule his appointment. Call our office today to schedule a visit.


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