Common Pet Problems

For many people, pets are part of the family. We have to make sure that nothing comes between our furry friends and us. One way of protecting our pets is giving them preventative health care. Like people, pets are subject to health issues that can be prevented by visiting a vet for checkups.

Whether you suspect your pet has a problem or not, it’s always good to have it checked by our veterinarians. At Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood, NH, we can give your pet regular wellness screening to make sure its health stays at its best.

Common Health Issues

There is a wide variety of health problems that pets can have, but here are some of the most common:

Obesity: Unhealthy weight can result in health issues like arthritis and lung and heart problems, shortening the lifespan of your pet. The good thing is that this may not be the case if you visit our veterinarians at Northwood Veterinary Hospital. Simple advice on nutrition and exercise routines can set your pet on the right path towards a healthy weight.

Allergies: Most allergies are triggered by the environment your pet is in and the food it eats. Allergy signs to look out for include rashes, vomiting, scratching, a swollen face, and behavior changes. When you notice any of these signs, schedule a veterinary appointment for your pet right away.

Common Pet Emergencies 

Most pet owners are frightened by pet emergencies. Unfortunately, regardless of the excellent care we give our pets, emergencies can still occur. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should take your pet to our animal hospital for urgent care.

  • Diarrhea and vomiting: These things could be caused by poisoning or other illnesses. Extended diarrhea can dehydrate your pet. It’s important to get your pet help right away.
  • Breathing problems: This could be brought on by heart diseases, allergic reactions, or choking. This requires urgent care, because your pet can only survive for so long when it stops breathing.
  • Trauma: Pets can suffer physical trauma due to gunshots, accidents, or falls, leading to life-threatening injuries.
  • Seizure: Convulsions that last for more than 5 minutes should be checked by our vets immediately.

Visit Our Veterinary Hospital

Whether it's emergency pet care or a regular checkup, you can depend on Northwood Veterinary Hospital in Northwood, NH to help your pet. It’s our passion to see your pets live healthy lives now and in years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet!


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If you have an Emergency with your pet during our open hours, please call 603-942-8368 and be prepared to bring your pet in immediately. If you need to have emergency medical attention when we are closed, please call CAVES in Concord at 603- 227-1199 or Port City in Portsmouth at 603-433-0056. Both hospitals will keep us up to date on your pet’s care so we can coordinate treatment, if needed.

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